What is XUSD

Competitive Advantages


  • Block-by-block reward calculation: fair distribution, intuitive accounting, easy integration.
  • Building blocks for seamless integration in DeFi lending and AMM protocols.
  • On-demand privacy-preserving transactions using zk-SNARKS and Bulletproofs
  • Combines payments and savings into one token: whitelisted users are eligible for yield; non-whitelisted wallets can use XUSD as a vanilla stablecoin for payments.
  • Secondary market liquidity.


  • Our specialised Segregated Account Company structure is designed to ensure superior client protection and bankruptcy remoteness.
  • Fully backed by liquid, low-risk US Treasury securities on behalf of clients in a segregated, bankruptcy-remote vehicle with trusted TradFi custodians.
  • XUSD has no unsecured creditor risk, setting it apart from other stablecoins like USDC and USDT.


  • Regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority, a leading jurisdiction for digital asset issuers and insurance companies.
  • Regular attestation provides full transparency in reserves.
  • Eliminate the possibility of Excellar interacting with sanctioned entities or jurisdictions by requiring users to claim rewards using whitelisted wallet addresses.
The "ideal" stablecoin